Commercial Co-Venturer Instructions

  • How do I get started?
    1. Click on the "Online Filing" button.
    2. Click on the "Register" button in the Mississippi Charities Registered Filer Login box.
    3. Enter data in the text box for verification.
    4. Complete the User contact information and select the "confirm" button.
    5. The system will send a temporary password to the email address entered on the form.
    6. Login with a username (email address entered on form) and the temporary password provided. The User will be able to change the temporary password during the login process.
  • Who should register as a user?
    The contact person of the Commercial Co-venturer or third-party filer should complete the user screen for the Commercial Co-venturer. This is the person who will be contacted by the Charities Division for any questions and will receive all updates regarding registrations and filings. This person will need an email address in order to log into the online filing system.
  • What is a Commercial Co-Venturer and who needs to file an online application?
    1. Commercial Co-venturer shall mean any person or entity who is regularly and primarily engaged in the production, trade, sale or commerce of goods other than in connection with the raising or solicitation of funds, assets, or other property for charitable organizations or charitable purposes, who for indirect compensation (including contractually arranged fees, commissions or other monetary remuneration), conducts, promotes, underwrites, arranges, markets, sponsors or advertises a sale, performance, or event of any kind which will benefit, to any extent, a Charitable Organization, or
    2. A person or entity who contracts with a Charitable Organization to benefit that charity to any extent, and who receives only indirect compensation limited to goodwill or tax benefits as a result of that contractual agreement, is considered neither a commercial co-venturer nor a professional fund-raiser so long as neither the person (or entity) nor the Charitable Organization conducts, promotes, underwrites, arranges, markets, sponsors, or advertises the relationship to the public during the contract period.
  • When should a Notice of Charitable Sales Promotion be filed?
    A Commercial Co-venturer engaging in a charitable sales promotion is required to file with the Secretary of State notice of the promotion no less than seven (7) days prior to the start of said promotion. Such notice must include a copy of the contract between the Co-venturer and the Charitable Organization.

  • When should the Financial Accounting for a Charitable Sales Promotion be filed?
    The Secretary of State requires a Commercial Co-venturer to file a financial accounting of the charitable sales promotion no later than thirty (30) days after the conclusion of said promotion, if the charitable sales promotion is less than one (1) year. If the promotion period is greater than one (1) year, the Commercial Co- venturer shall file an annual financial accounting each year of the charitable sales promotion no later than thirty (30) days after the anniversary date of the first notice of promotion filing, and shall file a final financial accounting of the charitable sales promotion no later than thirty (30) days after the conclusion of said promotion. The accounting, annual accounting or final accounting shall include the following:
    1. The number of units of goods or services sold in Mississippi;
    2. The amount of gross sales in Mississippi;
    3. The amount of those gross sales paid by the Co-venturer to the Charitable Organization;
    4. In the case of a multi-state, national or international campaign, the percentage of total sales in Mississippi paid to the charity.
  • What do I need to Extend a Charitable Sales Promotion?
    To Extend a Charitable Sales Promotion, the following is required:
    1. Copy of contract extension, and
    2. The new end date of the Charitable Sales Promotion.

*For questions, contact the Charities Division or 601-359-1599.